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Best Power Cage

Working out at home can be a very rewarding hobby. Not only will you see your physique improve daily but also you will gain that edge in other parts of your life. People who are at the top of their game physically usually achieve better things at work or at school.

It’s no wonder that working out at home is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. Although there is a plethora of home gym equipment out there nothing beats a good power cage rack for building muscles.

Why a Power Cage?

Without a doubt building muscles is the best way to lose fat and improve your physique. And nothing comes close to effectivity and versatility of a power cage in building muscles in a home setting. They combine all the necessary exercise movements required to have a complete physique into a small strong compact package. The Best Power cages offer everything you need to develop a fit and toned body.

There are tons of power cages or power racks out there. Most of them are good. In fact here at we had a hard time recommending the best power cage. The fact is if you find a review on a power cage in this site means that it is worthy of your valuable money. Various sales and shipping discounts change our recommendation for the best power cage change. But for now the power racks below get our vote for quality and price.

Buying Guide

Budget Power Rack – Power Rack by TDS

For around the $300 mark the Power Rack by TDS provides great value and a supportive structure that you won’t outgrow easily. In fact the normal weight lifter may never outgrow it at all since it is able to support quite a lot of weight. To give you some peace of mind TDS sells this Best Selling Power cage with a lifetime warranty.

Best Power Rack – Bodycraft F430

power cage review - BodyCraft F430 Power Rack
If you can spend a bit more the Body Craft F430 is the power cage sensation of the world. It is very well made with 11 gauge 2″x3″ steel tubing. In fact it is so good that it can compare to commercial models out there. The BodyCraft F430 power cage has a lot of options available making it a great platform for someone who wants to build a large home gym. In its full configuration the Bodycraft power rack rivals even the most expensive alternatives.

Priced at around $600 this is the best power cage for someone looking to workout at home for years and years to come.

Check our BodyCraft Power Cage Page for attachment options on this rack.